Print Media: Ignoring—Printed books, Newspapers and Magazines—One Tradition at a Time

The consuming public do not stop reading newspapers, magazines and books, or buying subscriptions. They ignore bombardment of repetitive information useless and/or uninteresting to them.  They do not reject the news, advertisemet or entertainment information on print media. They deny collection of hardcopy media rendered obsolete by subsequent events and circumstances. It is digital media that sustain Life of the commercial printing press.

Exactly, What Makes You Think Printed Media is Still Alive?  Perhaps because some books, newspapers and magazines still being published (on paper), against digital media and the internet, mean that print media is still alive.  Wrong!  Use of the printing press in news rooms and companies does not mean the printing press is viable.’  The press is a complex hunk of, manual machinery that cost more to operate and produce printed products than its worth.

The printing press is ‘equitably insolvent’ because it can no-longer do what it use to.  Ebooks (reading and audio versions) is most efficient for authors and indie publishers for pennies on the dollar.  Newsrooms can downsize because digital news and advertising are more practical for online production; online access can replace ‘home delivery’ subscriptions.  These are not good signs for print media.

Digital media can survive on its own; the same is not true for print media.  It is not within the power of Mass Communications to save printed books, newspapers and magazines.  In-fact, it is an ever evolving tradition(s) that may finally nail the coffin of print media, shut!

For all these reasons, the printing press may ultimately end-up little more useful than personal laser printer.

Do you want to test it?  Okay so, take printed books, newspapers and magazines off its life support (of digital communications) and let’s see if it can take one breath on its own (sustain itself equitably).  Then I will understand your faith in the commercial printing press!


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