Radio: Virtual Existence of a Global Icon

Traditional radio may always attract most of the populations, but Internet (digital radio) is proving to be just as popular.  Digital radio is drawing millions of weekly users and will probably not slow down, anytime soon.

Many people thought rise of the internet would knock out traditional forms of media. Instead, the internet complimented newspapers, magazines and advertising.  The online community allowed for collaborations with traditional media and actually enhanced interactivity.  And, radio was no exception.

Despite critic’s view debacle.  Global audiences access online-only Internet radio and internet broadcast radio for weather conditions, traffic status, read the news, listen  to music and buy stuff from digital any digital devices connected to the internet.

Little exceeds access like convenience: listeners savor the idea of having the ability to create multiple stations based on their favorite artists, their song and genres.  They are now accustomed to listening to decade oldies and access radio stations across their State or across the country.  Its no wonder digital radio is increasingly popular!

Digital radio’s popularity is owned to control and choice, the things every thinking being require as part of individuality, and to be part of  society.

Digital radio has fewer ads yet, marketers have never been better, internet radio listeners actively purchase a wide range products and services.  The best selling product of internet radio is ‘FREE’ quality access and audio. You have iHeartRadio and Pandora and soon, Apple.  Hold on to your  butts because Google is eyeinng digital radio too.  Can’t wait to see what creative ideas come off their drawing board!

In fact, regular transistor radios and related hardware, transistors and the like seem to be the only casualties of the digital age of radio communications. “You exist, stuck in the maze thinking about how you’ll escape, and how wonderful it will be, and imagining that future keeps getting better and better.  You can’t wait for it to happen. You use the future to escape the present.

I wonder if the German scientist Heinrich Hertz’s and the young Italian [inventor] Guglielmo Marconi foresaw the evolution of their discoveries and inventions by imagining the future to escape the present?

If you have comments about being an internet ‘radio’er’ just let me know so I can put your comments to the pros.


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