Advertising: Misled and loving it

Misleading advertisements are like leasing a new car on an already insufficient budget, suspicion of future regret, exciting to live for the moment.  Advertisement spending was hit hard by the financial crisis.  But now, companies are again trolling for vulnerable consumers.

Led by automotive industries, companies like Wal-Mart spend hundreds of billions in advertising according to the national advertising spending database.  The only advertising more exciting than ads of truth are ads of lies  For businesses that go astray, it can cost millions. But it is okay because consumers love entertaining advertisements more than spending money they don’t have.

Most people have been victims of false advertising.  Our ignoring the pit falls and expecting lesser of the worse allow marketing policies to develop priorities over the consumer’s right to know.

“Clinically” and “scientifically” touting benefits of the products, people still buy.  Take the Olay ads that showed former model Twiggy looking wrinkle-free, younger than her years. Turns out the ads were retouched.  Moreover, hundreds of car owners were quite set-back that Hyundai, Kia overstated the horsepower in their vehicles.  And, this is not to mention on going vehicle recalls for falty air bags, breaks, etc.  And how about the lawsuit in southern California of companies who were able to sell Cars and charged more money because of false claims.

Groupon was sued by for misleading ads related to tourist attractions, not actually offering coupons linked to any of those attractions.  Herbal supplement Airborne was a hit in the 1990s. Marketing claims that it helped ward off bacteria and germs, preventing ailments like the flu and the common cold. But did Airborne actually have any of these benefits?  No!

So, take the time to understand people, that it is you who give advertisers and marketers your interest while looking uninformed and not noticing the strategies used to get your attention.

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