Media Effects on Society: Good Bad and ugly

More often than not, people are prone to idealism and imagination. They tend to not think for themselves, they have selective beliefs, and make predictions that fit what they want.  Mass media influences are very different than it was in the 20th century. The term mass media itself may not apply in this era of the personal social media of tips, reactions, rumors and observations as they outpace media outlets we once knew.  Businesses trying to spread the good news and counter the bad news have caused a changing of the rules.

People have genuine criticism about politics, policies, the economy, and civil rights occupying the social arena.  One often discussed target of criticism is the media industry. It is widely believed Hollywood now faces the same threat that plagued the music industry for the past ten years. The problem is that technology is merciless, impersonal, and unforgiving; denial is nothing more than delay of costs and time.  Content is not free and you have to live with those facts.  Modern wisdom is, ‘the sooner you learn to get in touch with what is new,  the faster you will learn to live in a new and very real,  reality.

To know sources of media is to understand the informational ideas behind mass media data.  For those who don’t understand that the primary revenue that funds today’s mainstream television content development for instance, is to fall victim to media intelligence.  Audiences are too accessible, and reaching people is increasingly costing less.

Budgets no longer require huge camera unit, just DSLR cameras and a good eye for Production design—can be achieved via available locations rather than recreating it—movie industry style.    The TV anywhere’ concept (desktops, laptops, Ipads, and smartphones) not only accelerates the tide of media influence, but do so without the army of personnel or genres once respected.

As the various medias vry for control of the mass audience can any survive without leaving the populace information(less)?  What will you do about information that is less reliable and increasingly destructive?  Just what is “good, bad” and “ugly in media to you?”

Inquiring minds want to hear your comments.


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