Blacks Folks- What’s YOUR Thoughts of America Now?

America the materialistic; America the Ethnocentric; America the xenophobic; and America the perverted also describes the plight of our Country.  There will not be a change in the American state of affairs any time soon, only the fall of what could have been a great empire that never attained the spirit of greatness, only greed.

What used to be a plight for a better life, the American dream, is now a quest for material gain, consumerism is the rule of the day.  The state of inequality in America is staggering as elitist are the jet-setters, societal fashionable social elites who set the rules, composed of wealthy people who frequently travel by jetliner to parties and resorts.  i.e., The days of pre-Constitution when wealthy British colonist believed that landowners were better rulers over uneducated, less well-off people.  Hence, the time of President-Elect Donald Trump have been waiting in the wings of Congress since 1776; the ‘haves will have more, the have-nots will have less and women will be forced to take their proper place behind men.’ All while we convert to a police state to enforce social controls of social norms set by White America who put material above environment.

America believes that Europid ethnicity (White people) are better than all other people and may ultimately prove the downfall of America because they are not.  That even though European Spaniards were the first to arrive in the Americas and despite the fact that Natives were here first, that prosperity was achieved on the sweaty backs of African slaves, Whites claim that their brutal force of conquest makes them masters over all other people in America, indeed the world.  Even the most educated and informed, especially them, believe they are better than others and thus more deserving of protection and greater wealth.  White people think that they are the ‘first’ among equals.  Even the children are reared with attitudes of White Supremacy.

America rejects and is afraid, with great, disdain, of peoples who are not American.  Or is fear of competition?

From the LGBT community to President-Elect Donald Trump, our sense of social relations seeking sexual satisfaction with the same and/or opposite sex to which even children are fair game.  We are a drug and alcohol induced nation, distracted from intoxication to notice the world falling apart around us.

My American peers, people, old and young, nothing permanent or good can come from this!!!


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