Duped Again: Wealth, the only Compensation for not Being White?

via Duped Again: Wealth, the only Compensation for not Being White?


Black Urban Patriotism Today: Blindsided on the White Side

Chapter One


400+ years race relations issues and white supremacy dazed Black folks psych focus.  Now, struggles for ‘social change’ that better’s life, transformed to demands for ‘social inclusion,’ with an eye on hegemonic authority dominates Black causes. Instead of insisting on control over our lives, we demand control over the lives of others, alongside White folks.  Individual White folk’s and groups use power to further their own interest at the cost of other people and groups; been doing most of the legalized murdering, stealing, and raping of the land while Black folks watch; we say, “it’s not fair to exclude us, that we have a right to satisfaction (marginal benefits) doing the same.”

From Harriet Tubman to Malcolm X, they feared something was not right with the freedoms we sought or equality available only to the controlling White class. But we struggle to get it anyhow, “if you can’t defeat them, join them.” By any means necessary is the age-old rationale, for survival.

The foregoing is an excerpt from book one of my literary fiction trilogy, Black Urban Patriotism in Modern Times: Blindsided on the White Side.  A “what if” examination of African-American patriotism in ‘White folks’ controlled America.

What if, in a Donald Trump administration, considerations to rescind the U.S. Constitution as outdated or obsolete invalidate the Bill of Rights, Amendments, and other protections?  Are we sure further discussions that involuntary (unpaid) servitude; in exchange for welfare entitlements that satisfy hegemonic assertions that Black Slavery solves ‘inequality problems’ won’t materialize?

‘Behold American White supremacy,’ wrapped in its glory of the American and Nazi Flag, carrying the cross of Christ and a torch.  “Praise the Lord, white European power, and pass the fried chicken, white kids want to see little black ones, and Jews die too, lessons for their bible study!

Little has changed in over 400 years, except xenophobia’s systematized and matter’s are not as they seem.”

Blacks Folks- What’s YOUR Thoughts of America Now?

America the materialistic; America the Ethnocentric; America the xenophobic; and America the perverted also describes the plight of our Country.  There will not be a change in the American state of affairs any time soon, only the fall of what could have been a great empire that never attained the spirit of greatness, only greed.

What used to be a plight for a better life, the American dream, is now a quest for material gain, consumerism is the rule of the day.  The state of inequality in America is staggering as elitist are the jet-setters, societal fashionable social elites who set the rules, composed of wealthy people who frequently travel by jetliner to parties and resorts.  i.e., The days of pre-Constitution when wealthy British colonist believed that landowners were better rulers over uneducated, less well-off people.  Hence, the time of President-Elect Donald Trump have been waiting in the wings of Congress since 1776; the ‘haves will have more, the have-nots will have less and women will be forced to take their proper place behind men.’ All while we convert to a police state to enforce social controls of social norms set by White America who put material above environment.

America believes that Europid ethnicity (White people) are better than all other people and may ultimately prove the downfall of America because they are not.  That even though European Spaniards were the first to arrive in the Americas and despite the fact that Natives were here first, that prosperity was achieved on the sweaty backs of African slaves, Whites claim that their brutal force of conquest makes them masters over all other people in America, indeed the world.  Even the most educated and informed, especially them, believe they are better than others and thus more deserving of protection and greater wealth.  White people think that they are the ‘first’ among equals.  Even the children are reared with attitudes of White Supremacy.

America rejects and is afraid, with great, disdain, of peoples who are not American.  Or is fear of competition?

From the LGBT community to President-Elect Donald Trump, our sense of social relations seeking sexual satisfaction with the same and/or opposite sex to which even children are fair game.  We are a drug and alcohol induced nation, distracted from intoxication to notice the world falling apart around us.

My American peers, people, old and young, nothing permanent or good can come from this!!!



                                                                                        AMERICAN MINORITIES

And to the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, we know how hard you’ve tried to reform a broken American immigration system that has not stood by your relatives and your children. We feel the pain in your swollen hands and feet and troubled spirit for fear of deportation and loss of all you’ve worked for.  You are most deserving of what you get!!

It would remiss to not mention extreme hardships and the great contributions of our American Asian Republican voters who have suffered major loss of hard earned properties and jobs, so much is in store for you!

For our Jewish Friends a word of sympathy for your inability to help.  Your remorse and guilt are deeply embedded, and rightly so!

And finally, all remaining special gifts must go to:

Dinah Abrahamson, Author, Republican member of the Nebraska State Central Committee

Archie Alexander, governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Walter G. Alexander, first African-American to serve in the New Jersey Legislature

Aris T. Allen, chair of the Maryland Republican Party

Claude Allen, White House Domestic Policy Advisor

Ethel D. Allen, Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

James W. Ames, representative in the Michigan House of Representatives

Renee Amoore, health care advocate & founder and president of The Amoore Group, Inc.; former candidate for Republican National Committee Co-Chairwoman

John D. Anthony, member of the Illinois House of Representatives from the 75th district, 2013-present

Caesar Antoine, 13th Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana

Robin Armstrong, vice chairman of the Republican Party of Texas (2006-2010)

And Herman Cain

For all your humility, patience and efforts you and your people of the ‘less-than-one percent’ers’ we know of the ultimate sacrifices of your young men and women killed in ‘cold-blood’ and shot in the face for a quest of help; we have seen your properties foreclosed upon, your vehicles repossessed and your wayward, alienated children; we know you deserve so much more.  And you will get it sooner than you expect!

As for those White Americas who marched with oppressed people and supported causes of humanity, you get nothing, at all, except more coals of guilt, sleepless nights and horrible nightmares.  You are the ones to blame and must pay for the sins of your fathers!




Media Effects on Society: Good Bad and ugly

More often than not, people are prone to idealism and imagination. They tend to not think for themselves, they have selective beliefs, and make predictions that fit what they want.  Mass media influences are very different than it was in the 20th century. The term mass media itself may not apply in this era of the personal social media of tips, reactions, rumors and observations as they outpace media outlets we once knew.  Businesses trying to spread the good news and counter the bad news have caused a changing of the rules.

People have genuine criticism about politics, policies, the economy, and civil rights occupying the social arena.  One often discussed target of criticism is the media industry. It is widely believed Hollywood now faces the same threat that plagued the music industry for the past ten years. The problem is that technology is merciless, impersonal, and unforgiving; denial is nothing more than delay of costs and time.  Content is not free and you have to live with those facts.  Modern wisdom is, ‘the sooner you learn to get in touch with what is new,  the faster you will learn to live in a new and very real,  reality.

To know sources of media is to understand the informational ideas behind mass media data.  For those who don’t understand that the primary revenue that funds today’s mainstream television content development for instance, is to fall victim to media intelligence.  Audiences are too accessible, and reaching people is increasingly costing less.

Budgets no longer require huge camera unit, just DSLR cameras and a good eye for Production design—can be achieved via available locations rather than recreating it—movie industry style.    The TV anywhere’ concept (desktops, laptops, Ipads, and smartphones) not only accelerates the tide of media influence, but do so without the army of personnel or genres once respected.

As the various medias vry for control of the mass audience can any survive without leaving the populace information(less)?  What will you do about information that is less reliable and increasingly destructive?  Just what is “good, bad” and “ugly in media to you?”

Inquiring minds want to hear your comments.

Advertising: Misled and loving it

Misleading advertisements are like leasing a new car on an already insufficient budget, suspicion of future regret, exciting to live for the moment.  Advertisement spending was hit hard by the financial crisis.  But now, companies are again trolling for vulnerable consumers.

Led by automotive industries, companies like Wal-Mart spend hundreds of billions in advertising according to the national advertising spending database.  The only advertising more exciting than ads of truth are ads of lies  For businesses that go astray, it can cost millions. But it is okay because consumers love entertaining advertisements more than spending money they don’t have.

Most people have been victims of false advertising.  Our ignoring the pit falls and expecting lesser of the worse allow marketing policies to develop priorities over the consumer’s right to know.

“Clinically” and “scientifically” touting benefits of the products, people still buy.  Take the Olay ads that showed former model Twiggy looking wrinkle-free, younger than her years. Turns out the ads were retouched.  Moreover, hundreds of car owners were quite set-back that Hyundai, Kia overstated the horsepower in their vehicles.  And, this is not to mention on going vehicle recalls for falty air bags, breaks, etc.  And how about the lawsuit in southern California of companies who were able to sell Cars and charged more money because of false claims.

Groupon was sued by for misleading ads related to tourist attractions, not actually offering coupons linked to any of those attractions.  Herbal supplement Airborne was a hit in the 1990s. Marketing claims that it helped ward off bacteria and germs, preventing ailments like the flu and the common cold. But did Airborne actually have any of these benefits?  No!

So, take the time to understand people, that it is you who give advertisers and marketers your interest while looking uninformed and not noticing the strategies used to get your attention.

Please share your valuable thoughts below.

The Internet: Corporate Control by Satellite

An eleven-year old the other day told me “ the internet is a place somewhere in ‘outer-space’ and it’s bigger than the planet earth.”  The internet or World-Wide-Web, I explained is a conglomeration (a network or web) of computers that send and receive information between each other.  The child uttered a nonchalant/unattached “OH” and walked away.

The ‘outer-space’ concept of my young friend (explained), actually started with dedicated space(s), or servers maintained by telephone companies,  through which numerous computers enter to communicate with each other.

J.C.R. Licklider of MIT in 1962 started ‘social networking.   A global community of interconnected computers for everyone to access shared data and programs.  Licklider’s imagination and effort were noble;  as useful as the internet has become would make him proud.  The ‘NET’ nuetrality Licklider envisioned, now threatened with monopolization, would make him turn over in the grave.

The United States Department of Defense wasted no time getting in the act.  It is currently hypothetical that Internet without net neutral rules, consumers would pay more for the so-called “fast lane” services.  At stake is ISPs monetizing subscriber bases instead of providing an open pipeline.  What started as policies to protect the internet has now turned into favors for corporate friends of the Congress.

We now see, net neutrality, service providers police those who use the networks, how they use it, and what messages the system carries.  The assumption is that innovators can reliably, without interference reachesout to consumers (anyone interested in purchasing the London Bridge?).  A free and open internet is the greatest technology of our time, and control should not be at the mercy of corporations.

What we about to witness is repression of competition and entrepreneurship, free speech and ideas, unfair pricing.   Any advice for our eleven-year old friend who believes outer-space is wide and free?  Please leave your comments here.